Garment's worker's life in Bangladesh

Garments workers in Bangladesh

Sex in the office

Bangladeshi women -gradually changing

Sex before marriage, or sex after marriage without spouse, is still taboo for most people in our society. Most would also prefer their partners to be virgins.

Sex has become much more accepted in our society today. The fact that sex has become very common among adolescents today is irrefutable.

Sex is consent is more common in the upper classes and the poorer classes of society;

it seems they have both social and religious approval to engage in consensual sex and can have it anywhere.

Some private sector, high official persons are engaged consensual sex with their subordinate female colleagues. It happens to avoid official harassment or money or any other material compensation is involved.

Some female students and lower female workers like garment workers sometimes has a boyfriend for the sake of protection from harassment by others.

Some low wages female workers and maid servants engage to consensual sex to fulfill their families’ burden.

“Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation” found, sexual behaviour among Bangladeshi women is changing. Young girls may not remain in the traditional sexual confinement of the previous generations and consensual sex among them is on the rise.